Welcome to our family, friends and fellow wanderers!

Here is our trip inspired in part by Johnny Horton’s song, “North to Alaska.”  This journey is one of our bucket list items- where we travel this country to seek out and to engage in life’s adventures by slowly making our way to Alaska without an itinerary – going start to finish in about 6 months.  Our thought process is to take 2 months meandering to Alaska, 2 months exploring Alaska and 2 months wandering home to Punta Gorda on a different route than we followed to get there.  Along the way, we will post entries describing the fresh sites we have experienced on our odyssey to the Land of the Midnight Sun including photographs.  Click on the entries and join us on our journey.   For as Horton sings,“The Rush is on!”

Happy Trails,

John & Joy

PS. Please leave us a message and catch us up on what is happening in your life.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Beverly

    Great job Joy Love hearing about your trip. The flowers are coming up in my garden along with the weeds so I am weeding right now . Will send some pictures when they start blooming.

  2. Sue Marden

    I have to agree with Bev. This site is a wonderful way to learn about your journey. Makes me want to travel west again!!

    • Sue, I’m glad you visited our blog. When we have a stronger Internet connection, I will be uploading more photos to the posts. It snowed about 2″ here in Yellowstone yesterday! Hugs, Joy

    • I am so happy you got a chance to follow our journey so far. When I have a stronger connection, I will be posting more photos of our stops. As I write this, it is snowing here in Yellowstone! LY, Joy

  3. mary

    Oh I miss the snow! And buffalos and bears, oh my! We love following your trip…thanks for sharing!

  4. Sue Kapuchinski

    Wonderful blog Joy and John. Your trip is nothing short of amazing. Love all the details. What an adventure.


    • I am so glad you get to see what we have been up to on our land cruise. Every day has been an adventure. I hope you will send photos when you go on your cruise and to Turkey. Stay in touch and have a great time in Ct and NY. Joy

  5. Mary Babbitt

    I love the photos ! especially of Marina and Gucci 1
    Love you,
    Mary,Howard, and kids

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