Vancouver, Washington: “A Family Affair”

Jenn, Cynthia, Kevin, John & Joy

Following Washington’s scenic route 14 to the end of the Columbia River Gorge brought us directly into Vancouver for our visit with our nephew, Kevin Ross and his wife, Cynthia.  When we made plans with them to meet at the Silver Manatee prior to going out to dinner, we were happily surprised  to learn their daughter, Jenn, was also able to join us.  Not only was it exciting to see the three of them after so many years, following our visit and dinner, we were able to go visit Jenn’s baby boy, Angello, at the NICU at the hospital.  We can only thank Kevin and his family for being so flexible and  making time for such a memorable visit. What wonderful memories we now have of Kevin, Cynthia, Jenn and Angello.  It was truly a “Family Affair.”

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2 thoughts on “Vancouver, Washington: “A Family Affair”

  1. Jeff Fehr

    What a wonderful adventure. So happy for you guys.

  2. Kevin & Cynthia Ross

    It was truely a memorable time. One I will never forget. John & Joy jumped right in to a conversation with us where we left off, 29 years ago, in Grandma Jane’s living room. We shared experience after memory of our lives & had a wanderful time getting caught up. Time has flown way too fast, but we decided to follow Jane’s example, and write each other, sharing life once again. It was quite a pleasure showing off my family. John & Joy, we love you very much & hope to visit you in Florida some day. Journey mercies, have fun on the road. Be safe. Love Kevin, Cynthia, Jenn & Angello.

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